Could this be the time to rethink our lives?

It's all stopped. The COVID-19 has forced us to slow down!!

Perhaps this would be the perfect time to think about how we have lived so far and the opportunity you may want to start over. The bustle of cities is gone, silence roams the streets today and a new urban design might be possible.


Confinement and reduced use of traditional motor vehicles have led to incredible environmental changes in a few days, our skies are being cleared. Many things, such as reducing the number of cars in the cores of the big cities seemed impossible and instead now, albeit in a mandatory way, there is hardly any non-utility vehicle.

Everything that is happening at the moment, makes us rethink certain questions, that modify our values, our ideas of what is necessary and the superfluous, of the harmful and the beneficial. Human beings have always been characterized by their ability to resurface, to reinvent themselves, it has always been able to go back, to improve even when things were difficult.

The Covid-19 empties the streets of Malaga and slows down mobility in cities

The Covid-19 has forced us to curb our fast-paced activity

Transport, something so common and what is not usually thought of, turns out to be paramount in the economy of any country and its progress, of first need now because everything has to be taken or brought from one place to another, however short the journey. There is no need to explain how necessary it is to this day the Transport of Goods, for food, medicines, all the elements that are part of the hospital equipment and the protective measures of our health system, to name one.

However, it is impossible to understand the situation that hauliers go through during this COVID-19 crisis, truckers, couriers who with their motorbikes bring food to others. No one has taken them into account when making decisions. They do not rest and work a thousand hours in a row putting the need of others to their safety and protection.

Malaga empty during covid-19 confinement

Sustainable vehicles as an engine of change

Likewise, the sustainable transport single personal, both leisure and mobility in cities, despite being demonstrated by its benefit, nor did he just find his place in the cities or in his legislation. Bicycles, scooters, Segway are perfect vehicles to move without attacking the environment and therefore ourselves. Some metropolises have reached levels of pollution that are already harmful to citizens and not even that reason makes our leaders look at these simple solutions that give the sustainable vehicles.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the first cars appeared; for a time they cohabited with other older means of transport and with the free wandering of pedestrians and, in the end, their need made all the cities transform to make way for the progress they brought.

And is that current progress goes through the electric vehicles that do not attack the environment or man, these are also an undeniable improvement and, therefore, they must be made a place for the benefit of all.

Maybe breathe now this clean air of pollution make us see with other eyes these vehicles that have not come to annoy people or inconvenience cities, but to change our lives for the better.