¿Cómo te gustaría que fuesen tus vacaciones? 🥰

Does it happen also to you that the best time of the year is when, after much or little meditation, you decide where you are going on holiday and that day marked in red in the calendar arrives?

Visiting a city different from yours, in which you live or where you grew up, should always be an enriching adventure, which contributes to our life experience, expanding horizons, favoring our relationships with other people and their cultures... or that's what I'm looking for during my holidays.

¿Cómo te gustaría que fuesen tus Vacaciones?

Those days when we put all our hopes, after a hard year of daily work and effort, to compensate the much-used phrase of "living to work", changing it for the desirable phrase "work for a living".

And now, we already have the place, we already know how we are going to go and where we are going to stay, but... what are we going to do these days, what do we want to do?

Our choice will depend on many factors... our tastes, the budget we spend on activities, if we go as a couple or with children or if we are a group of friends.

I personally love guided tours. A quick and interesting way to visit a city, its most picturesque places, guided by the eyes of an expert through which the experiences of many other tourists will have passed and who will have millions of past and present stories to tell.

¿Cómo te gustaría que fuesen tus Vacaciones?

yes, I know... there are many types of tourist guides and organized tours and they do not always meet the expectations we put in hiring them, but the experience helps me to find and select the ones that give me the best vibrations when I arrive in a city. The opinions of other travelers on websites such as TripAdvisor, the details it conveys in the way of narrating the walk, the close treatment of the guide, making you feel as if you were his first guided tour...

Do you think it's a difficult goal to achieve? Because on every trip it is always located on top of my priority. Each trip I love to be able to say that I have really known another place in the world, with its people and corners, its customs and peculiarities, that has made me reflect on aspects of my life in which otherwise I would not have stopped.