Bicycles are not just for the summer, did you know that because it is winter and cold you don't why come down from the bike? There are many articles that will help you to not go cold although adverse weather conditions, there are countless fabrics for sweating well and at the same time not losing heat and there are thousands of tricks to wait for a better time while pedaling.

We give you a few tips, you'll see how easy that is:


Ear muffs, Cap technician, Braga for the neck.


Gloves of different thicknesses, best neoprene.



Thermal clothing inside.

Jersey technical.

Layer windbreaker breathable.

Raincoat thin and light.


Shorts Lycra and straps.

Mesh fine lycra and a face fleece Interior.


Socks synthetic material up to the knee.

Overshoes neoprene.


  • Use cotton on the garments only in summer, in winter absorbs moisture, soaks and steals the heat our body.
  • Place the clothes above a radiator to get it right before you leave.
  • Take cotton in the kit to make a ball and protect us wind ears without hearing.
  • Always carry a dry t-shirt to change if a stop is made longer.
  • Use bathing suits or bikinis by way of underwear as well replacing cotton with lycra or neoprene.
  • Rub the areas that will be covered in the legs with alcohol of Rosemary to come into heat faster.
  • Get two pairs of socks and a bit of newspaper in the toe and instep, and combats the cold and wind.
  • Carry a Bidon-Termo with some mild liquid like tea, coffee or soup and keep drinking water to hydrate even the sensation of thirst is much lower than in summer.
  • Eating and drinking enough to have ready stocks of glucose.
  • Make a Tuning your bicycle, checking the wear of wheels and pressure, checking brake pads, lubricating the chain, and in perfect condition having front and rear lights due to the reduction of hours of light.