Despite the advances and the increase of citizen awareness, Spain is still light years from cities like Amsterdam or Copenhagen in relation to the daily use of the bicycle as a real means of transport.

Several factors that determine the suitability of a city for the introduction of the bike on the streets and among its inhabitants. The adaptation of the city to the incorporation of varied and numerous bike lanesthe acceptance of citizenship so bikes are moving between them, the number of kilometers built for exclusive use or the quality and the safety conditions.

These are some of the Spanish cities that will gradually approaching the ideal of a happy marriage between persons, four wheels and bicycles.


It has become the benchmark for the South of Europe, began building 12 km of rail in 2006, in 2013 the Andalusian capital was declared the 4th best city in the world to go biking and today are more than 170 km of concrete with green color and 68,000 displacements that occur daily.

San Sebastian

Reflection of the great tradition of support for cycling in the Basque country that has moved rapidly to the urban use of the bicycle. The large number of lanes bike and public electric bicycle rental system have turned him into a modern city thanks to this daily reality.


In 2004, was the first city to introduce a public bicycle rental system, and currently it is estimated that 8% of its citizens move in bike along the streets.


It is a small city but has had a great response from its inhabitants to the construction of bike lanes and the new urban landscape.


It is the first Spanish city in terms of the per capita bicycle use. 10% of the population used for regular transportation.


According to a study of the O.C.U, this city has one of the indexes of greater degree of satisfaction by residents regarding the conditions of use of the bike in the city.


In this city the bicycle use is widespread, Valencia 47% used it at least once a week.


It is estimated that they will produce 150,000 daily trips in the city, as is avoided the issuance of 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

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