Take a ride with one of our safest and most fun to drive vehicles, the e-twow electric scooter.

Ride our electric skates and enjoy an incomparable sense of freedom.

The advantages of renting an electric scooter

Neither insurance, nor electricity, nor depend on charging it anywhere or the repairs they will need, are some of the advantages that our QQ Bikes users have, in addition to a very tight price to enjoy a careful and high-end scooter such as our electric scooters of the brand e-Twow.

Rental scooters, the alternative

From the carsharing / motosharing a very interesting proposal has emerged in recent times among companies that are dedicated to mobility: electric scooters for rent.

And it is that we already find them in the streets of all Spanish cities, both personal, owned by their users, and rented; with the only difference that the latter have sure.

The planet needs electric scooters

New traffic rules of the DGT

The DGT has just updated the traffic rules with new penalties and rules, such as the obligation to wear a helmet.

The most economical vehicles

Electric scooters are fast and economical, as a method of transport for cities.

Now, after its approval a few months ago of the new Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety, the notice period is over and traffic fines begin, also for some events that may happen to you while using one of these Personal Mobility systems or VMP.

Up to 25 km/h.

Among the rules that have been presented in the new regulations is alcohol, and is that no alcohol rate is tolerated for children under 18 years of age.

The Sidewalks they are a much safer place than the road for users of scooters, but it is forbidden to circulate on them, and on the rest of the roads whose established speed limit is greater than 30 km / h. Carry the mobile in the hand it is also a reason for sanction. They involve a fine of 200 euros.

At the moment it is not necessary for these vehicles to be registered or to carry insurance, as long as they do not exceed 25 km/h.

And remember to stay informed about the regulations of your city, since it will remain fully compatible with the new DGT regulations.

The electric scooter is the ideal transport in these times

And if you are clear that your option is the rental of a quality electric scooter and at the best price, I leave you our offer for the hourly rental of Electric Scooters in Malaga and Electric Scooters in Torremolinos. I hope it serves as a guide.

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