Normal Bicycles Rental, Electric Bicycles and Electric Skateboard

On April 4 we open the doors of our new bed and electric bikes in the same port of Malaga, and just 4 months later opened another Center in the Marina of Marbella, where you will find us in the spring and summer seasons.

We find year-round in the pier one commercial centre, port of Malaga and the Puerto Deportivo de Marbella for the seasons of spring and summer. In our facilities you can rent all of our models and a ride by Malaga or Marbella. With QQ Bikes you can visit the city of Malaga without efforts and 100% organic. If you prefer to have someone at your side who knows the attractions of Malaga and Marbella, don't miss our guided tours and you can let you show the best places of our city and thus know the history and the attractions that Malaga offers to its visitors.

Take advantage of your visit to our Center to ask our team any questions you have about our products.

Why choose us?

Lovers of the bicycle and Malaga, we would like that our passion is for you a way better live life. Come to our kiosk Pier one and enjoy a different experience.
We believe in a healthy lifestyle and a different way of doing things. The bike is our leitmotiv and can also be yours.
Committed to the environment and the professionalism that we offer to our users. We guarantee fun and exciting tours. Those who come, repeat.
Ride bicycles rental

Normal Bike Rental

Do not miss our urban ride aboard the most classic bikes, bike ride that was designed to go everywhere in comfortable and pleasant way.

Ride bicycles rental

Electric Bicycle Rental

If you don't want to make any effort, but you want to visit the city ecological and easy, try our electric bikes and you will be surprised.

Ride bicycles rental

Electric Scooter Rental

Take a walk with one of our vehicles safer and more fun to drive. Hop on our electric skateboards and enjoys this sense of freedom.

Choose the vehicle that best suits your needs

Normal Bike Rental

15001 day
  • 10001/2 day
  • 4001 hour
  • 10003 days or +
  • * Security Deposit: €30 / bicycle or Credit Card Number

Electric Bike Rental

30001 day
  • 20001/2 day
  • 10001 hour
  • 20003 days or +
  • * Security Deposit: €50 / bicycle or Credit Card Number

Electric Scooter Rental

30003 hours
  • 15001 hour
  • 10001/2 hour
  • * Security Deposit: €50 /scooter or Credit Card Number

Electric Bosch Bike Rental

50001 day
  • 30001/2 day
  • 15001 hour
  • * Security Deposit: €100 / bicycle or Credit Card Number

Bugui Rental

5001/2 hour
  • * You don't need leave Security Deposit

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If you do not have accommodation for our Guided Tours, in Malaga you can have a wide range. We can find from simple settlements up to 5 star hotels. A variety that suits you, your needs and make sure your stay is an unforgettable experience. Here You'll find all the offering that provides our city, you can compare prices, check comments and opinions and choose the best option. Enjoy your stay.