The feast recalls the death of several anarchists in the United States by protests to get the day of eight hours in 1886.

Today, may 1 is the International day of the workers or labor dayholiday in Spain and in other countries. Google adds to the day with a 'Doodle' by the First of may where you can see images of work in the various sectors: construction, Agriculture, offices, etc. The day is marked by trade union demonstrations demanding economic recovery to reach all workers.

May 1, 2017 - Google Doodle for the labor day


A bloody history behind may 1. To know the origins of the labor day go back to the year 1886, in United States. By then, the workers had begun a fight to achieve a 8 hour workday. The philosophy was: 8 hours to work, to sleep 8 and 8 for the House. Until then, the only limitation that had in some States was the ban do not work one person more than 18 hours without cause. The penalty for doing so was $ 25.

In this context, the Union stronger at the time decided that from 1 may 1886 the maximum workday would be 8 hours and threatened employers with a great strike if they not accessing your request. Many workers got his goal with the threat of the strike. Those who did not started the strike on 1 May. In Chicago, the clashes between workers and police were particularly bloody and lasted four days.

Recreation of Chicago police repression during the rally of workers on May 1, 1886

After three days of strike, on May 4 called a concentration in the Haymarket square. This time, the tension between the police and workers had reached a climax, after the violent clashes of previous days. That day, an explosive device exploded in the square of Haymarket, killing a police officer. The authorities blamed crime workers and more than 30 people were arrested for their radical ideas.

Initially eight anarchist workers were sentenced to death, although three of them were finally sentenced to prison and five to the gallows. Three of them were journalists, one typographer and another Carpenter. In honor of the fight by the day, 8-hour and in memory of these five people known as 'the martyrs of Chicago', in 1889 was declared on May 1 the Day of the worker by agreement of the worker socialist of the second International Congress.


Lol In the United States and Canada held the labor day first Monday of September. It was thus decided to unlink this date of the labor movement for fear to Socialism from taking root in the United States. Subsequently, Canada and other countries took the same measure.

Source: The newspaper