Multas para los Turistas por usar Bicicletas en el Centro Histórico de Málaga 😳

Se nos antoja un cambio de rumbo radical del Ayuntamiento de Málaga en cuanto a la línea de apoyo al turismo sostenible, que estaba demostrando hasta ahora y del que nos hicimos eco en nuestra web no hace mucho. 😳

And dónde nos deja como ciudad frente a otras ciudades europeas en las que se favorece el turismo y los vehículos sostenibles

Y más aún, la Asociación Malagueña de Empresarios de Turismo de Movilidad… lleva más de 2⃣ años intentando trabajar con el Ayuntamiento para regular la situación, respetando los intereses de todos para que, al final, simplemente se prohiba❓

We leave the statements of the Association Ametmos in relation to this situation...

Police to fine tourists up to €200 for cycling in the Historical Centre of Malaga

From the April 29, tourists who choose to discover Malaga by Bicycle or Segway or simply want to rent a bike to get from A to B are in for a nasty surprise.

Police of Malaga have been ordered by the Local Government to stop and fine any non-resident that cycles in the Historical Centre of the city.

At the time of writing, no signage exists in the city to advise tourists of this prohibition and its corresponding steep penalties

The ban and fines also extend to participants and tour leaders of any guided bicycle or Segway tour.

"This law is a draconian, environmentally unfriendly measure which will do nothing to improve the image of Malaga abroad and is likely to reduce the number of visitors to the city,” commented Enrique “Quique” San Miguel Manzanares, a local businessman and President of AMETMOS. (Association of Local Businesses dedicated to Sustainable Touristic Transport)..

Whilst most European cities are promoting sustainable tourism and improving bike infrastructures, Malaga has opted to penalise eco-transport supporters and businesses.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 tourists visit Malaga per year choose cycling as their mode of transport to visit areas of touristic interest. Many of them arrive to Malaga by cruise ship and the bike allows them to get a good overview of the city in the short time that they are here. Without doubt, prohibiting this possibility will depreciate the quality of touristic offers in the city. Tourists that visit the Historical Centre also consume in local establishments, visit museums, go shopping, etc. thereby adding to the economy of the Historical Centre. If cycle-tourism is restricted to less central and less touristic areas, the local economy will be damaged indirectly. As well , this prohibition could directly lead to the loss of 100 jobs in the tourism sector. .

The Association AMETMOS has been attempting for the past two years to work together with local authorities proposing ways to regulate the situation including and respecting the interests of all. To date there has been no progress.

In regard to the new law, Alejandro Marin (Procer Abogados), the lawyer representing the association, states: “There is no sound legal basis to support this measure. With this drastic measure the local government interprets the mobility ordinance and the access decree wrongly. To prohibit while supporting an obsolete regulation raises many doubts: How will the users know the boundaries of the prohibition zone if there are no signs? What will happen to those bicycle rental businesses with an opening license that are located within this perimeter? Are there limits on when people can enter and on how many bicycles? Can people access the center on foot pushing the bike? All this could be resolved with a regulation like the one that already exists in Seville or Barcelona, one for which AMETMOS has tried to collaborate on by providing proposals for a regulation that contemplates the situation in a clear way.“

The association plans to fight the new legislation and continue to work towards making the city of Malaga a sustainable touristic destination.

The local government of Malaga has not as yet issued any statement on the tough new regulations.

Prohibido Circular en bicicleta por el Centro Histórico de Málaga
Prohibido Circular en bicicleta por el Centro Histórico de Málaga