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Everything evolves, people, cities and how to visit them. Now it is possible to explore all the urban corners by Classic Bike, Electric Bike, ride a Segway or an Electric Scooter in a funny and healthy way.

In the QQ BikesKiosk, located in the Muelle Uno Commercial Centre of the Port of Malaga, you can find this whole family of two-wheeled vehicles to choose the one that suits you or you want. There are guided tours with all of them and each one offers a different and unique experience.

The QQ Bikes Routes in Malaga

If you want to do the metropolitan bicycle, the City Bike Tour offers you a route through Malaga that you will always remember. Your itinerary starts at our headquarters of Muelle Uno, then we pass through the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the Cathedral, the Plaza del Obispo, the Church of St. Augustine, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Parador de la Alcazaba, the Paseo del Parque, the Town Hall and back to Muelle Uno.

To do this tour there are different types of bikes and different proposals. The routes can be simple or with visits to places of typical Málaga cuisine to taste delicious tapas.

  • The City Bike Tour price is 18 euros and the City Bike Tour + Tapa is 25 euros.
  • The Electric Bike Tour price is 23 euros and the Electric Bike Tour + Tapa is 30 euros.
  • The Bosch e-bikeTour is 30 euros and if you want with it with tapas is 40 euros.

To highlight is the 2-and-a-half-hour Tour with electric bike, which climbs the Gibralfaro Mount to enjoy incredible views of the city.

QQ Bikes Routes in Malaga
QQ Bikes Routes in Malaga

The Segway Routes to enjoy Malaga

If you prefer there are three different routes to visit Malaga on our Segway:

  • The Malaga Alcazaba Route that lasts from 30 to 45 minutes only for 20 euros, which starts with the promenade of Muelle Uno, continues through the Palmeral de las Sorpresas of Muelle Dos, the Cathedral in the Plaza del Obispo, the Roman Amphitheatre next to the old fortress of the Alcazaba, and return by the Paseo del Parque visiting the Town Hall and back to the Pier.
  • The Málaga city + Alcazaba Route of one-hour duration for 30 euros, starting at Muelle Uno, following the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the Cathedral in the Plaza del Obispo, then making a stop at the Plaza de la Merced, passing through the door of the Birth House of Picasso, then go down Alcazabilla street, admire the Roman Amphitheatre and return along the Paseo del Parque to the starting point.
  • The Málaga City + Gibralfaro Route lasting two hours for 50 euros. This is perhaps the most complete tour as it makes the previous tour of the Historic Center, by its Cathedral, Plaza de la Merced and Roman Amphitheatre, but then climbs Gibralfaro Mount to the National Parador from where the views of the city and the coast are amazing. After appreciating the landscape, we will return to the Paseo del Parque and from there to the pier, thus ending this unique experience.

And if you are more adventurous and want a visit to the most funny and light-hearted city Electric Scooter Tour is what you are looking for. Take a tour of Malaga through its streets, squares, historic ruins, tropical parks, museums, you will love it and you will not be able to avoid telling it to friends and show off.

QQ Bikes Segway routes to visit Malaga
QQ Bikes Routes in Malaga
QQ Bikes Segway routes to visit Malaga