Skateboard Users' Demonstrations Against The Wrong Regulation of the DGT

On Sunday, September 22, a demonstration has been called in different city of Spain to denounce the regulation raised by the DGT.

The Associations of Users of Personal Mobility Vehicles of Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Murcia, Albacete and León, have convened this Sunday, September 22, a demonstration to denounce the "wrong" regulation that the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) has developed on this type of transport and prohibits, among other measures, the movement of some models.

The September 22 It's him World No Cars Day, ideal date to match these claims of the users of the scooters, who want to make these, the most sustainable alternative to cars.

The Text of the DGT makes scooters an "unworkable" option as an alternative to motor vehicles outside large cities, as it prohibits the use of most of the models currently on the market. Specifically, those that exceed 25 kilometers per hour.

According to these associations, the DGT's decision is based on a clear "ignorance" and a "Wrong view" about scooters, by raising that are only used for short journeys, when, as its users explain, "The reality is that most use them as an alternative to the car for journeys that exceed five kilometers."

"Until now, existing regulations have regarded these vehicles as toys", criticize the organizers of these demonstrations, through a statement collected by Europa Press. This regulation has forced users to move along the sidewalks, generating numerous conflicts with pedestrians, as well as fines for those who, in order not to put pedestrians at risk, are driving along the road.

World No Car Day to coincide with manifestations against the wrong regulation of the DGT
World No Car Day to coincide with manifestations against the wrong regulation of the DGT

The VMP Associations claim that being able to ride the bike lanes and the roadway, with the same safety standards that currently apply to bicycles.

Regulations, developed in this vein, would promote this type of transport in front of motor vehicles, thanks to the "are electric vehicles at a price available to everyone, with the lowest energy consumption" (environment at 1 KWh/100 km) which "are a great solution to the problems of pollution, noise and congestion in cities."