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The city of Málaga has a perfect orography to encompass a wide gastronomic range. With its streets at sea level and surrounded by mountains, its cuisine is full of fish, vegetables and meats.

The Mediterranean diet, as a backdrop and Malaga denomination-of-origin wines, result in an attractive attraction for tourists who know how to appreciate good food. Dutch tourists are proof of the good consideration in which they have our cuisine, which has also been driven, at the same time, by the cultural development of the metropolis.

The Proposal of Muelle Uno

In Muelle Uno of the Port of Málaga there are gastronomic proposals that do not leave indifferent. Chef Jose Carlos Garcia chose this enclave to open his Michelin-starred restaurant. We have learned that when he is not in his kitchen he moves around town by bike or Electric Scooter. And it is precisely in this area where it is possible to choose a special visit of the city, with guided tours by Classic Bike or electric bike to keep you from seeing an interesting corner of the old area.

There are culinary routes designed by local chefs and traders, designed to delight visitors, from ham tastings to extremely elaborate dishes of sublime quality. Traditional cuisine perfectly combined with the avant-garde that times require to surprise the most demanding palates.

The gastronomic proposal of Malaga
The gastronomic proposal of Malaga

The Historic Center and its extensive gastronomy

The Historic Center of Malaga brings together gastronomy, museum visits, the possibility of shopping, the gastro experience in the markets of Atarazanas and La Merced to know the Málaga artisan products and typical tapas of the region.

Here as anywhere, there are dishes for every season of the year, there are tasty stews, soups, pintarroja broth, which is a small shark from the Malacy Coasts, or the famous dish of the mountains to face the winter, and a huge number of fresh products perfect for dealing with a hot summer.

We have the well-known Gazpacho made mainly with tomatoes from our land that is served cold, which feeds us and takes away our thirst, or the ajoblanco, which consists of a cold soup of almond and ground garlic with pieces of fruit, usually small grapes.

And of course, we cannot fail to mention the fried anchovies and espetos of sardines on the beach, a real hallmark of the city and its people. In fact, a popular gentile calls Malagasy "boquerones".

Tourists bet on our gastronomic culture as an indispensable part of their visit to our land.

Málaga opens its arms to everyone with the table set and the food served.

The gastronomic proposal of Malaga
The gastronomic proposal of Malaga
The gastronomic proposal of Malaga