Málaga, an object of desire among tourists

Life goes fast, cities grow and change, none want to be left behind. New technologies, other ways of moving and a newborn ecological awareness as the basis of everything.

The great capitals are always at the forefront and Málaga is a good example of this. It has become an object of desire for a wide range of tourists, since the offer of activities is so great and so varied that any imaginable plan can come true in our city.

Málaga has always been known for its hospitality and its welcome to anyone who came. Already in the time of Isabel La Católica, near the Centre of Malaga were opened mesons to receive and host numerous merchants and visitors. Today, more and more people and from more different countries are interested in Costa del Sol and our city is its greatest exponent.

Malaga, a leading city in mobility

Currently Málaga leads the cities more adapted to the new times. Leading in urban mobility, it offers a thousand different ways to know its streets and monuments. Walking tours, guided tours by electric or classic bike, Segway Tours, take a spin on the acclaimed electric scooters... everything is possible and sustainable in this Málaga of 2019.

44,025 meters of cycling path supports and demonstrates the commitment of this metropolis to the environment and healthy living for people who live and visit it.

Leisure offer in Malaga
Leisure offer in Malaga

Malaga and its leisure offer

It is possible to find incredible routes in bicycle, rent bikes at Pier one to get to know the city in a different way, enjoying each pedal stroke or turning the movement into an electrical impulse that makes you move effortlessly and get all the far can imagine.

Tourists who live this urban experience, are excited about this special way to navigate the corners more typical and mix them with the less conventional, taking away the feeling of having seen nearly everything and keeping a unique keepsake in your retina.

Malaga and its international tourism

The international tourism It has put the eyes in Malaga, British holidaymakers in love with our climate, beautiful beaches and numerous golf courses, French tourists fascinated by our cultural commitment to the Pompidou Centre opened in the port of Malaga as the first venue outside of France of this important art gallery, German and Russian tourists that you have increased in the past year his hotel stays in the Malaga capital.

Lately are the Dutch citizens those who monopolize the tourist attractions of Malaga, even to spend long periods in our land enjoying the good weather and the Museum proposals. Our city gates are open wide for all of them.

Leisure offer in Malaga with the bike rental
Leisure offer in Malaga with the Segway tours
Leisure offer in Malaga with electric scooters rental